Business Model

Scan Furniture is a one-stop shop providing both convenience and affordability in your Home or Office furniture and furnishings. Our site unveils customer access to over 100,000 IKEA products for delivery in Sri Lanka.

There are a limited number of Sri Lankans or customers based in Sri Lanka that use the online shopping facility via IKEA Websites. They also often pay high courier rates to have furniture shipped to Sri Lanka. Some main IKEA websites also do not allow international customers to order online.

This is where the Scan Furniture fits in. We provide our customers a no hassle way to order items from the IKEA Singapore website and ships to Sri Lanka for a nominal fee. To make it even easier, we deliver to your doorstep and our IKEA trained staff will assemble and install furniture at your location.

Customers that order products through the Scan Furniture website will save on costs and have added convenience.

As you are now on our website, do follow the steps below to enjoy a new furniture shopping experience:

  1. Go to our product page and click on the product category you are interested in.
  2. You will be redirected to IKEA Singapore website.
  3. Check products, products descriptions, etc.
  4. Copy the URL Link of the product
  5. Come back to the Scan Furniture website
  6. Click on the price checker
  7. Enter the article number of the product and don’t forget to fill up your information

We will receive your inquiry and will get back to you with the pricing within 24 hours.

Please note that the prices shown in IKEA website IS NOT the final price to you. You will also be restricted in ordering online directly from IKEA Singapore website.

Happy Shopping!

*Terms & Conditions Apply.

How Get the URL Link